Tuesday, April 21, 2015

18 Months


Our Avery Jane, aka Avy girl is 18 months old!  What a wonderfully fun and exhausting 18 months it has been.  In the last 6 months we’ve battled skin issues and ear infections which interrupted much sleep and I’m sure some language development but now that we’ve got that all under control we’re feeling much more rested and happy.  I bet we have a full time talker on our hands in a few months.  There’s plenty of babble and grunting already!



She’s always been happy by day but now that she feels better the silliness is really shining through.  Can we say Samuel Junior?



She runs with the typical toddler high step and it’s about the cutest thing you’ll ever see.  She also likes to push a chair over to the counter and help herself to whatever she finds.  We can thank the siblings for that little trick.  Nothing is safe from this climber.


She loves to play with and torture her siblings equally. And she has recently discovered the awesome people called Grandma and Grammy.  If either of them is around Mom means nothing and she’s not about to let them out of her sight for fear that they load up the big kids and leave her at home. 



She has a wild uncontrollable mullet.  That hair knows I’m dying to put a bow in it and just flat out refuses to grow on the top.


She eats just about anything as long as there is plenty of it.  M&M’s are her favorite treat. 





She makes the best faces you’ll ever see.  She can communicate almost anything with a furrow of her brow.  She’s famous for her looks around church.


We love our sweet girl to pieces and we love watching her grow!





And at the request of Molly…a running shot:



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