Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother’s Day 2015


What a fun-filled weekend it’s been!  The rain held off at all the right times and despite the forecast we had plenty of time outside.  We got to spend time with both grandmas and Mike and the kids did a great job of making me feel loved and  appreciated.  I’m so glad to call all of these people my family.


So these first two pictures are not of mother’s day but I had to throw them in because these tiny cousins are too sweet not to be included.  There’s a lot of memories to be made with these two and I hope that one day they will get together with their own families and talk about the great times they had growing up.


Grammy and her girl:


Her other ornery girl:


Nothing says we love you like a floor scrubber!


Mother’s Day morning.  Avery gets yanked out of bed 5 minutes before we leave the house for Sunday School.  She wasn’t quite up for smiling yet.


Grandma and her boys.  That’s a good looking group!



Molly is always up for posing.




There’s a smile.  What are we going to do with this wild girl?  One day this week she spilled a glass of milk, started the Keurig with no cup to catch the coffee and smashed half a stick of butter in her hair.  That was all in about 15 minutes time.  She did one right after the other all while I was cleaning up the previous mess!  If you’re wondering it takes three baths to fully wash butter out of hair.  But it’s silky smooth now!


She is so full of it.  And to think she’ll really be feeling good after Thursday.  We’re going in for tubes and adenoid removal this week.  Sleep is in our future!


Just when I think she looks like me…


Molly has been working and working on riding her bike this week. 




And this guy has kept me on my toes in the stain removal dept.  He comes in every night with a mud stain up his back from riding through puddles with his buddies.





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