Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Dance Recital

Molly had her spring recital over the weekend.  She was beautiful.  Avery loved every second and even knew a dance from one of the other classes that meets at the same time as Molly's. She did it in the aisle while they were on the stage.  She pays a lot more attention to things than we give her credit for.  Samuel put up with it and even improved the attitude after a brief lecture on the hours and hours that Molly has spent on the ball field watching him play.

Her costume was beautiful and they did the cutest dance to Happy Working Song from Enchanted.

And of course she loves to show off all of the ballet positions.

She had a great time in dance this year.  Next year she says she'd like to try gymnastics and little Miss Avery seems pretty suited to that so I think we'll give it a go.  For now we are enjoying summer break with no weekly schedule!

Monday, May 15, 2017

First Tooth!

Molly lost her very first tooth last Monday.  We never got a good picture due to feeling puny but she's all better now and ready to pose.  So we pulled out the big camera to document officially before her new tooth starts growing in.  She says it's very hard to smile so that your bottom teeth show but she was more than willing to try as you can see. 

 This girl is blossoming these days and developing the sweetest little spirit.  Our once timid, homebody has turned into a nurturing sister and friend who brings everyone together and organizes every playtime.  This morning at bootcamp she had a group of 3 year olds lined up and taking turns at the tire swing while the moms were working out.  She has worked hard in kindergarten this year and is reading beginner readers, adding and subtracting and working on neat handwriting.  

We love our girl in the middle!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Spring Football

Samuel had his first two hand touch football game on Friday evening.  He knew about half the team from tackle and in true Samuel style he recruited a friend from school to sign up for his team as well. And now Samuel and the coach have convinced his Mom and Dad to let him play in the fall.  The spring league is a little more laid back and it's a lot of fun.  Samuel got some great playing time on offense and proved himself with an extra point and then an interception and a touchdown.  It was a fun night!  


We take football seriously down in Texas.  Ha!

Almost a full team photo.  Couldn't squeeze everybody in with my zoom lens.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter!

We had a fun Easter weekend celebrating our risen Savior.  We started it off with a nice, slow, no school Friday.  We dyed Easter eggs and played outside all day.  It was just what we needed.  Saturday we did yard work and cooked all day for our Easter Sunday company.  We had two families join us for lunch and an Easter egg hunt on Sunday afternoon.  We had 10 kids, a bunch of nerf guns and Easter candy.  What could be more fun than that?  

Avery likes to take her silly pills at picture time.

No one ever wants to be serious when Mom hops in the picture.

They picked a crazy face dye kit this year. 

Easter morning sisters

I'm guessing someone mentioned poop.  That always makes for a good laugh.

What a fun day!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Samuel is 8

 I'm far behind on blogging but better late than never!  Our Samuel man turned 8 last month.  I'm sure you're all surprised...he had a football party!  We had a fantastic time down at the park in our neighborhood and he came home bruised up and slightly bloody.  His idea of a perfect day. Ha!

Blowing out his candle.

Sassy little sister

one hand touch football game

Passing practice

He has made some great friends since we've been in Texas.  We enjoyed getting to meet all of his school friends and see some buddies from football and church.  We're thankful for this spunky, fun-loving 8 year old!

Spring Break 2017

We had a few visitors the first half of the week.  Aunt Cori and Dean got to see our house for the first time and Dean proved himself to be a great traveler for such a little guy.  It was so fun to spend so much time with him and not have to share.  ;)  He is a snuggler so if you ever need a good long hug, give him a call.  We miss him already! 

Sunday pics before church.

Park time

What happened to my little baby?!


Seriously!  They are growing up before my very eyes!

Cousin love

We headed over to a local farm for on Tuesday.  We got nice and muddy and went down the slide hundreds of times.  It was a great day.

Come back soon, Dean!  We loved having you!


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