Wednesday, October 22, 2014

More Pumpkins


Because you can never have too many pumpkins in one day, we hit up the local patch after rest time yesterday.  This time Grammy met us there which always means tons of fun. 

I will go ahead and say now that the following pictures are mostly Avery.  This is mainly because she is slower than the other two and easier to capture.  Plus the one-year-old sweetness is just too much to handle.  Just wait until you see that grin!


She grew up before our very eyes!



Who needs to walk when you can run?



Group shots were so much easier last year.  She sure gives Bubba a run for his money now!


Molly is into creating poses these days.  This would have been a great one if she wasn’t looking into the sun. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014



What a wonderful time of year!  School is in full swing, the weather is perfect and the leaves are changing.  We’ve had lots of fun over the last few days.  Here’s a peek:


We read Stone Soup during Language Arts so we decided to make some for dinner.  Thank goodness we had some river rock from Hobby Lobby or we would have had gravel in our soup.



Avery destroyed a cabinet or two while we were cooking.  She’s remorseful about it as you can tell.



Samuel lost his first tooth!


We attempted some pics for Avery’s birthday. Molly is wearing a blouse and jumper that my Mama made for me when I was three.


And we visited the Pumpkin Festival at Shepard’s Cross with our school group.  I highly recommend it.  But if you have three children who all need a lot of assistance I suggest taking a grandma with you.  My heart is still racing and we’ve been home for three hours.  All children are accounted for and and in one piece so it was a success.





Sunday, October 12, 2014

Birthdays and Catch-up


We have not been taking pictures lately!  Life is full right now and we are working just to keep our heads above water.  But it’s pumpkin season so surely we’ll visit the pumpkin patch soon and that always makes for some great shots.  Until then here’s a taste of what we’ve been up to:


We had a joint party for the birthday girls.  As one-year-olds generally work, they were not overly interested in each other and they were not about to pose for a group shot but we did the best we could and enjoyed seeing Maria again.  And the girls loved climbing the stairs.




Baby sister likes cake!  Their actual birthday is not until next week so expect more pictures soon!


Yesterday the big kids and I headed out to our annual Fall Festival where Samuel rode horses and got his face painted.  Molly wasn’t as into the whole thing. There’s always next year!


photo 1photo 2photo 3


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