Tuesday, August 26, 2014



We had family pictures made back in June at a local park.  It has been my plan since then to dress the kids in the same outfits and take them back for individual pictures and a group shot of the three of them.  The original plan was to take my mom to watch the ones that weren’t in the shot and then help to keep Avery’s attention. Well as things usually go, life got in the way.  First it rained then Samuel woke up sick on the morning we planned and then Dean was born and now Grammy is back at school.  So we still had no pictures and the kids are growing and changing like weeds.  So today it was!  And we just headed to the backyard where we had cheerios and an excersaucer for a babysitter.

They weren’t the most cooperative they’ve ever been and I’m glad I hadn’t showered yet but I think we got a couple of keepers and I can now check that one off the list!



Apparently normal smiles are difficult at the moment.


This is what happens when you ask her to show her teeth.













just avery

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sweet Sleep


I had a rare opportunity this morning, the opportunity to make it to church a few minutes early!  Why is that you ask?  Well the two big ones spent the night with Grammy and went to her church  So my only responsibility was to get myself and one baby ready and out the door by 8:40.  But then I walked into that one baby’s room at 8:20 and she was sleeping so peacefully.  The house was quiet and no one was climbing into bed with her.  So I tiptoed out to grab the camera and snap a few shots before disturbing that precious babe.  And it was so worth it.  Because guess what?  My fifth graders are already used to me sliding into my seat at 9:07, coffee in hand and breathless from the mad dash of drop off.  And now I will remember that sleeping face 20 years down the road.IMG_3296IMG_3299IMG_3300IMG_3303IMG_3304IMG_3306IMG_3307IMG_3308

Thursday, August 21, 2014

10 Months


Wild woman, I mean Avery, turned 10 months old on Monday.  She is a girl on a mission these days and no longer poses sweetly while I snap her photo.

But oh she is just the sweetest thing alive.  She suddenly decided that snuggling and rocking a little bit before sleeping is not so bad after all.  Up until this week she’s always been a “plop in the bed” kind of girl.  I’ll take it since the baby days are passing quickly!

She’s fully mobile and into everything.  Yesterday she knocked over a plant, ate some rocks, and got stuck under the coffee table.  She favors her brother in that area.


She always has a smile for us and as mobile as she is, she will sit in the high chair forever.  Just toss some cheerios her way and she’s happy.  Car seat?  No problem!  I keep saying it but she is seriously the best baby. (Don’t tell the other two I said that.)


Her sleep is improving and she is generally going until 5:30am with a middle of the night wake up once or twice a week.  So we’re getting there.  A girl can’t be perfect all the time!



She no longer leaves her bows in and she has outgrown her summer sandals so she is not usually accessorized anymore.  One of these days she’ll have enough hair to hold a bow.  I need to look for some clearanced sandals to get us through to fall weather.

She has 4 teeth on top and two on bottom.  They came in a strange order so she looked lopsided for a week or so but she’s back to symmetrical now.  She’s still in 9 months clothes although they’re getting a little snug.  And she wears a size three diaper.  Still loves baby food, Daddy and pulling Molly’s hair.  She has also discovered the joy of wrecking whatever the older two are playing with.  They have a a lot of pay back coming after months of torturing her so don’t feel bad for them! 

And I’ll leave you with a little clip of how much she enjoys the itsy bitsy spider.  We love this girl to pieces!

Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of School


We started a wild new journey today.  It was our first official day of Classical Conversations.  That means Samuel is a real Kindergartener!  And Molly is in a preschool class.  So I leave you with the first day pictures.



She’s just too much.  I can’t get enough.


He’s so grown up.  And has this weird new picture smile!


And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, here’s all three of the cuties.  My heart is full!  Three of the best little buddies out there!

Molly is 3!


Molly Burns is 3 years old!  She had a couple of friends over on Friday to play and have cupcakes but she wasn’t into the singing or game playing.


Here they are working hard on their stickers and coloring.



And she refused to blow out her candle so Meg had to do it for her.  After the cake and presents they went to play and she was happy as could be.  Not one for lots of attention apparently.


But then yesterday we had a family party and she got into that one.


Grammy made her a Minnie Mouse dress to wear to her Minnie party. Throw on some ears and we have a Halloween costume!


A few of the guests.


Dean made it to his first party even though he may not have realized it!


Little sister and Grammy


Waiting patiently for the food.


Love my accessory-crazed girl!

She loves dolls, purses, sunglasses and necklaces.  She still has a thing for her blankie and thumb.  Still a Momma’s girl too.  She loves books and friends and would rather be home than on the go.  Although she went to her preschool class this morning for the first time and declared it fun, fun, fun!  She is definitely three and wants to do everything herself and is known to lay down on the floor to pout on occasion.  We love her to pieces and can’t wait to see her grow this year!

Monday, August 11, 2014



Molly wore a dress that my Grandma made for me a “few” years ago so we snapped a few pics after church.  Avery comes home and crashes after church so she didn’t make it into the shot.  We’ll catch her next time.



Be still my heart.  She’s growing so fast.  We just love her so much, three year old feistiness and all!

Friday, August 8, 2014


I’ve got a website in the works for a possible little side business.  So if you know of anyone in the area looking for affordable family/child pictures this fall please send them my way. 
And there are photos of one very adorable newborn over there to entice you to visit!  Check it out here:


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