Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Zoo Day

We’ve had beautiful late spring weather the last few days so we decided to try out the zoo since it was the monthly free day.  Our zoo is fantastic just not as close or convenient as the Tulsa Zoo was.  And it requires that we drive downtown on 12 lane highways. But we did it.  And we made it there and back in one piece.  We even had to cross a few lanes at the last minute to avoid getting on the wrong highway. No one honked at us and we only made one wrong turn.  So it was a successful day!

4 going on 16.

Ok, maybe not a zoo picture but some pretty little ballerinas.

Happy girl!

We dance everywhere.

It was a sunny day! 

Free day is only from 12-6. Somebody was getting a little sleepy.

Who needs words when faces will do?  This is how she tells us she’s tired.

Oh look!  A second wind!

Our big, handsome, almost SEVEN year old.

All three as close to looking as I could get.

And this is a normal picture face these days

It was a fun day and now we're ready for winter weather again.  Well, what they keep calling winter weather down here...highs in the 60s seeem pretty warm to me but I can get used to calling that winter!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Little Texas Update

It has been a whirlwind of a month for the Burns Family!   We are now full fledged Texas residents.  We even have the license plates to prove it.  We've been busy setting up house and learning our new town. We also don't have a desk for our big computer.  All of that explains our lack of posts but we're slowing down now and plans for the school room are in the works so we should be back to regular updates soon!

Samuel wanted everyone to see our new backyard so here are some shots from this morning:

Avery's new picture face.  Isn't it lovely?

A little better...

Molly enjoys Samuel pulling her all over the place in the wagon.

She climbs too!  I couldn't believe she got up there by herself.

But Bubba has to help her down.

And then there's this guy who climbs on anything and then just jumps off.

Little Sis is always up for a jump on the trampoline.

We love this wild-haired, sassy girl.

Even when she drops to all fours and crawls around in circles dadada-ing like a baby anytime you request that she doing something remotely helpful. 

This is the corner where Samuel perches and keeps tabs on the neighbors.  The noise factor may have increased a tad when we moved in.

We're settling in to CC, started in a ladies Bible Study and have now visited 3 churches.  So we're figuring out our new normal slowly but surely.  Come on down and visit! 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Dance and karate

Samuel got a yellow stripe on Thursday and Molly had her first dance recital. It was a fun week watching our little people shine!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Raking Leaves



Molly Ann loves to play in leaf piles.  We have plenty of leaves to keep her busy right now!  So we spent the afternoon cleaning up the backyard and jumping in piles.  We took a short break from the work to snap a few shots and take advantage of the beautiful afternoon light in the backyard.


Big brother doesn’t have the same affinity for leaves that Molly does but he found plenty to keep hime busy. 


A  beautiful December day!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Avery is 2!!


We celebrated Avery’s second birthday last weekend.  She got new babies which thrilled her and adorable new clothes which thrilled me!  Ha.  All of her favorite people came to celebrate with her and we had a wonderful time.


























How do you begin to describe this girl in just a few words??  She’s wild and sweet,  flying through the house one minute and snuggling the next.  She eats anything and everything in sight and knows Grandpa finds candy in her ear.  Taking a ride in Grammy or Grandma’s car thrills her to no end.  She takes caring for her baby dolls seriously.  You can usually find her swaying and shushing a baby as big as she is while wearing a necklace around her neck and a purse on her arm. If she’s not doing that she’s attempting every crazy thing her big brother does.  Her attitude is generally, “ You think I can’t do that because I’m only 2?  Pshh!  Ya never know until you try!”  She has a pretty limited vocabulary but doesn’t let that keep her from bossing around siblings, friends and occasionally Momma and Daddy.  She uses a combination of words, pointing and hand pulling to communicate quite effectively! We love our girl so much and can’t wait to see what this next year brings!


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