Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Is it really January?


My creativity has been drained by sickness and cold weather this month.  I haven’t even looked at my camera since Christmas!  But we changed that today.  The itch to snap has returned and we headed outside on this unseasonably warm day to capture these cuties!


Awfully happy for having strep throat, eh?



Be still my heart.  Less than 2 weeks from 6 years old.  How is it possible?





I wish they were dressed a little better here.  We could have gotten a few framers.


There’s a lot of personality bottled up in this one.


This look says, “What kind of siblings did I get.  They must be crazy!”



Tree climber extraordinaire!


Friday, January 16, 2015

Christmas 2014


Wow!  It’s January 16th and I just now pulled out my memory card to look at the Christmas pictures!  Better late than never!  We had so much fun at Christmas and the week after that it took us a couple of weeks to recover and get back into the swing of school and daily life.

It’s been bitterly cold so we’ve done lots of reading, re-decorating and googling of indoor activities that keep kids busy and Momma sane.  But it was 60 degrees today so we squeezed in math and reading and went to the zoo.  I leave you with Christmas Eve with the Cole family and Christmas with the Burns family.  And a baby shower for little Nora Beth squeezed in for good measure! 


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