Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter Part 1

We made a last minute decision to head north for Easter and we are so glad we did!  Here are the picture from Grammy's house

Friday, February 26, 2016


Here's a little February update. We have had fantastic weather this month and spent a good part of our time outside. 

We celebrated Samuel's birthday with some Shipley donuts. 

And the girls had a spa night while the boys watched monster trucks. 

We wore heart braids for Valentine's Day. 

Made homemade lemonade with some lemons from the neighbors tree

Built some new birthday Legos. 

We had TONS of fun with Grammy. In fact, Avery has renamed the hall bath to mammys bafroom. 

A few days after Grammy left high in the sky (another Averyism) we discovered some mints left behind. 

Avery grew up all in one week. Potty-trained, climbed out of bed and started talking all in the same week. Bed time is a bit challenging these days. 

And today we went to an art class on the green. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Zoo Day

We’ve had beautiful late spring weather the last few days so we decided to try out the zoo since it was the monthly free day.  Our zoo is fantastic just not as close or convenient as the Tulsa Zoo was.  And it requires that we drive downtown on 12 lane highways. But we did it.  And we made it there and back in one piece.  We even had to cross a few lanes at the last minute to avoid getting on the wrong highway. No one honked at us and we only made one wrong turn.  So it was a successful day!

4 going on 16.

Ok, maybe not a zoo picture but some pretty little ballerinas.

Happy girl!

We dance everywhere.

It was a sunny day! 

Free day is only from 12-6. Somebody was getting a little sleepy.

Who needs words when faces will do?  This is how she tells us she’s tired.

Oh look!  A second wind!

Our big, handsome, almost SEVEN year old.

All three as close to looking as I could get.

And this is a normal picture face these days

It was a fun day and now we're ready for winter weather again.  Well, what they keep calling winter weather down here...highs in the 60s seeem pretty warm to me but I can get used to calling that winter!


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