Saturday, June 14, 2014

Branson Vacation


We just returned from a 3 day trip to Branson where we had a great time hiking, exploring, marshing marshmallows, and riding rides at Silver Dollar City.  Samuel was a brave guy and rode just about everything he was tall enough to try.  The American Plunge was his favorite.  He even hopped on the jet ski with Mike and love flying across the lake. Molly loved the train and the kiddie rides but didn’t care for the dark stuff.  And Avery was a trooper for the whole trip, offering gummy grins to anyone who wanted to look her way and she got plenty of attention from lots of folks.  Those squishy legs poking out of the stroller are just irresistible. 

So I’ll leave you with a few pictures, most of which I took on Friday since lugging a camera and three kids around SDC wasn’t exactly easy.


She’s pretty excited about turning three soon and wants to practice two or three fingers all the time.


We had a beautiful view from our porch.


Samuel always jumps at the chance to snap a picture.  He’s pretty good!




We spent a lot of time picking flowers and throwing rocks.



And we found a fun trail where we could see the ducks plunge into the water.


Someone else had to plunge in too!  He just couldn’t resist.

IMG_2388IMG_2394IMG_2405photo 1

A phone pic at SDC.

photo 2

Avery girl plays on the bed.

photo 3

Bubba and Daddy stopped by to say hi before they took off around the lake.

IMG_2029 (1)

Bass Pro after dinner last night.

photo 4

This is when we pulled in the garage this afternoon.  Worn out!

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