Saturday, June 21, 2014

8 Months


Avery Jane was 8 months on Wednesday.  We have no new major milestones to report but she is definitely improving the ones she’s already hit.  She is just days away from figuring out how to crawl.  She goes from sitting to hands and knees when a toy is out of reach and she is just about to figure out how to do the same when laying on the floor.  She can scoot backwards which usually just makes her mad since it takes her away from her desired object. 

The girl loves to eat.  Her current favorites are any of the veggie/fruit combos that come in the squeezable pouches.  She wants table food so bad she can hardly stand it.  Gone are the days of eating and holding her in my lap.  (Good thing she can now sit in a restaurant high chair!)

She’s a bit of a momma’s girl but not as bad as big sister Molly and will go to just about anyone.  She’s always happy to come back to Momma and I will gladly keep it that way.

She lights up the room with her smile and loves to laugh and flirt with people in public places.  She went on her first trip to Branson and had a wonderful time entertaining people with her legs propped up on the tray.  Speaking of Branson, we really put her through the ringer and she was perfect! We could not have asked for a better baby to drag all over Silver Dollar City.

Sleep has been a bit of an issue.  She was sleeping through the night for several months and then she cut teeth followed by a nasty 4 day fever.  We have not been able to get back into our groove ever since and she gets up once or twice almost every night.  Samuel went through something similar around the same age and we did some sleep training which worked great.  But he was the only one at the time and wasn’t keeping anyone up but momma and daddy.  So for now, I’ll just keep getting up with her.  If the siblings ever go away for more than one night she’s in for it though!

As usual, it’s been another fun month with the sweetest baby on the planet.  Wish we could freeze time or at least slow it down a little.  Love you, baby girl!




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