Saturday, May 31, 2014

Summer Begins


School is out!  We got to swim last Saturday (or the kids got to swim, still to cold for me) and then it rained for three days.  Samuel was disappointed and spent most of the three days monitoring the weather conditions. 


Here they are trying to will the rain to go away.



But while we waited for sunny weather Samuel happened to snap a good pic of Molly and me.  While she looks a little like Wilson from Home Improvement, I’m happy to have this picture so I can remember her love for her blankie one day when she’s grown.


Eventually the sun did reappear and we made a trip to the zoo.  The bear was feeling frisky that day and scared poor Samuel right out of his britches.  It was pretty entertaining. 



The kindergarteners ride the dinosaur.



And the whole crew drives the boat.


And just so you don’t think we had a perfect day, here’s a end of day, need a nap, meltdown as we were leaving. 


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