Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Birthday {family edition}


Sunday was Samuel’s actual birthday so we invited the family over for lunch and cake.  Aunt Cori made a delicious and super cute cake and we had fun laughing and playing with the birthday boy and his sisters.


Super heroes and legos are the toys of the hour right now.  Bless you, legos for getting us through the long, cold days.


Molly secretly unwrapped a present or two.  She just couldn’t help herself.




I’m going to have to develop some kind of talent so I can be a cool aunt to my niece or nephew.  We love our Aunt Cori!




Yummy black icing!


She got caught!


Here are a few things about our five year old that we want to remember:

He loves friends and wakes up every day asking about who might be coming over that day.

He has developed a fascination with legos and is really good at them.  He has an independent streak a mild wide.

He will start soccer in March.  He’s such a little athlete and amazes me on the scooter and on his bike.  Not to mention his speed. The boy can run!

He loves to help with his sisters and chores around the house.  He has started getting an allowance for making his bed and taking out the trash and loves to look for other odd jobs to do.  The last two days he’s even made our bed. I should have started this allowance thing a long time ago!

He works to be the peacemaker among his friends and it is a blessing to watch him try to  settle disagreements or offer solutions.  Even at home we’re seeing him work at being patient with Molly. 

The four year olds at preschool learn the books of the Bible to recite at graduation and he is convinced that the last book of the Old Testament is Valentine instead of Malachi.  No one will persuade him otherwise.

His favorite colors are black and orange and he’s an OSU fan through and through.  We’re not sure where that even came from as we are not really super fans ourselves.  He has friends and cousins that are OU fans and he always draws OU on their birthday cards but it’s painful for him.  If you receive one of these cards I hope you understand how much he loves you. 

We’re so proud of our boy!  I can’t believe he’s five! 

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