Wednesday, February 19, 2014

4 Months



Happy 4 months, my sweet baby girl!

I just noticed that you are wearing the same outfit you wore for your 3 month pic.  Sorry about that.  But this will be the last day for it as your ankles are poking out and the snaps pop open with every kick of your little feet.  Such a long girl you are.

Your personality has taken off this month and you are quite the social butterfly!  I used to read to your siblings while I fed you but now I have to be quiet or else you think I’m talking to you and you want to look at me and just coo and smile instead of getting down to business.

You’ve mastered the bed nap and take one long nap in the afternoon sandwiched between two catnaps in the morning and evening. You sleep 13 hours each night and we usually have to wake you up to take Samuel to school at 9:00.  Easiest baby ever.  Keep it up.

You’re still in size 2 diapers and are edging closer and closer to 6-9 month clothes, especially in the one piece outfits.  Your cheeks are squishy and so kissable.  You love to be held with your cheek up against mind.  Just like your big brother in that respect.

Your physical achievements took a backseat while you suffered from a terrible cold and it was all you could do to just get through the day.  That nasty bug just hung on forever and effected all the little babies in our church group.  You’re all feeling better now and I bet it’s just days before you flip over as you love to get up on your side and work so hard with those feet.  You’re getting stronger on your tummy too and will push that little head up and look around a bit before giving up and laying your head down to suck your two fingers.  Speaking of fingers, as long as you can get to your hands you are able to sooth yourself in about any situation. Did I mention that you’re the easiest baby ever?

It was another great month with you, Avery girl.  We love watching you grow!


IMG_9038IMG_9369IMG_0101  IMG_0469

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