Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hurry Spring!


The blog has been neglected lately, more because we’ve been cooped up in the house a lot with nothing too exciting going on than that we’ve been too busy.  We are SO ready for warm weather and lots of outside time.  It turns out that there is a thing or two I miss about Mississippi…Samuel was in shorts by now there.

We haven’t taken any pictures so I’ll leave you with a few videos.  Molly is still not talking much but just in the last few days she has at least started trying to say a few things.  And she has even picked up with more gibberish so I’m sure we’ll be wishing we could go back to silent Molly very soon!

I’m sure you’ll notice brother’s constant chatter in the background.  Maybe that’s why she’s not much of a talker?


Samuel has been finicky about his clothes his whole life.  He always wants to be fully dressed  and last year he cried when we switched from winter to summer stuff because he didn’t like his arms and legs bare.  But now he has discovered the wonderful world of dress up.  So now when he changes from one outfit to another he sometimes ends up in his big boys for hours.  He will probably hate me for this one day but I just think this video is hilarious.  And he looks just like his Grandpa.




Anonymous said...

Hurry Spring!....Well more important...HURRY OCTOBER!!!!!!

Uncle Steve

Kim Garner said...

Love the videos! Can't wait for Anna and Molly to play this summer!


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