Saturday, March 16, 2013

50’s Day and Accessories

Oh there are so many things I need to document before I forget or they stop doing it.  Like Molly wants to run fast so she starts swing her arms but her little legs just stay the same speed or if she wants to go really REALLY fast she swings the arms and nods her head up and down.  Sadly for her this doesn’t help much.  Turns out it’s pretty good for the person trying to catch her.  Definitely video worthy.  She’s also quite the accessory girl these days and always has a purse, sunglasses, bracelet, necklace or any combination of those.  And she always wants everyone around to make a big deal over whatever it is she has on.  She strikes a pose after she gets dressed for the day and loves to look in the mirror. We read books and hundred times a day and she loves to wrap her her babies and carry them around the house singing “doo da doo” which is our nighttime song.



Despite recent pictures proving otherwise I really do dress her and fix her hair everyday.  It just might not happen til 10am. Smile


Samuel is loving preschool and church and has become quite the socialite.  He has zoo plans or play dates  every week and he started t-ball practice this week.  I didn’t get to go to practice but Mike said he did great and I can’t wait to see him in action.  No one on the team has played before so it should be an entertaining season.  He can count to 30, separates his own laundry and empties the silverware out of the dishwasher.  He wants to do everything ALL BY HIMSELF.  So we’re learning how to match clothes and dress appropriately for the weather.  He’s getting really good on his new bike and I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re training wheel free by the end of the summer. 


Notice the Fisher Price band aid?  One of the two has it on constantly.  Like their Hawaii cousins they are constantly getting “shots.”


This week was the 50th day of school (when you only go twice a week you don’t make to to 100.)  So they dressed up like the 50’s and had a sock hop.  He’s already talking about how he can’t wait for kindergarten and I get teary and count my lucky stars we have another year before that day comes!

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Anonymous said...

Samuel is just following the lead that Michael started, when it comes to wearing the "right" things...Ask Michael how important it was to wear those clunky "Dr. Marten" Shoes/Boots???

Uncle Steve


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