Thursday, September 20, 2012

This and That

The blog has taken a backseat to the house search since we are definitely not cut out for long term “repartment” living.  The boy is noisy and the girl is a lug to haul up and down the stairs all the time.

But since we have a few minutes before preschool is over I thought I would give a little update:

IMG_1009 copy

We enjoyed an evening with First Baptist’s preschool dept. where Samuel spent most of his time on the jupiter jump.

IMG_1021 copy

Molly entertained.


And sported baby jeggings.  Love them.

IMG_1028 copy

She also had her first capri sun.  She loved it.



Today Samuel is learning about the letter T.  So it was t-shirt, tie and tennis shoe day.  He is standing just like Mike.  Cracks me up.



Can’t be serious too long.  I wonder how long the tie lasted?


Sister tried out a new ‘do today. 

photo 1

Monday went to the zoo with some friends. Samuel shows us that he’s a monkey.

photo 2

The group.

photo 3

And finally, our timid girl is starting to stand on her own.  Her favorite place to do it is in the bathtub.  She likes to make me nervous.  She also likes everyone to clap and make a big deal about her new skill and she’s got a captive audience in the tub.  Maybe we’ll have a walker soon? 

And now it’s time to go get the preschooler!  More to come.

1 comment:

Kim Garner said...

He does look just like Mike in that pose! Will has been asking if we can go see "Sam-ul". Miss you all!


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