Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Phone Dump

The lighting in our “yellow repartment” is terrible, and well, yellow!  So we’re not taking many pictures  because I just get mad.  Also because  we don’t stay home much.  Apartment living is not for small children.  All I can say is thank goodness for fall weather and two nearby playgrounds.  Oh and preschool.  Bless you, preschool!

But the lack of pictures does not mean the lack of happenings around the Burns family!

First, we bought a house!  Yea!  As of now it looks like we will close on Oct. 31st.  Strangely enough that was our closing date for our first house.

Molly got her first haircut.  No more mullet for our dear girl.

We discovered story time at the local library.

And we visited the fair.

Oh, and the babies got their first fever/yucky nose of the season.  Sadly for Samuel, those little illnesses always result in coughs and breathing treatments. 

Molly is the easiest sick child in the world.  Her comfort of choice is her bed.  No snuggling needed just let me sleep it off, please.  Too bad her brother is pretty much exact opposite of that. 

So for now I’m off to the ironing while everyone is napping.  I’ll leave you with the few phone pics we’ve taken:

IMG_1182 copy_edited-1

We love the swing!

IMG_1186 copy

No more mullet tails.


IMG_1189 copy


Story time.


Look, Mom, I can climb.  And what did you do with my pants?

IMG_1195 copy

Samuel’s favorite part of the fair was the playground for sale in the QuickTrip building.  Crazy kid. 



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Kim Garner said...

Cute pics and I LOVE the new house!! Congratulations, so exciting!


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