Thursday, September 13, 2012

First Day of School


We’re still alive!  Last Wednesday and Thursday our house was packed, Friday it was loaded onto a truck, Saturday and Sunday we cleaned like crazy and Monday we started for Oklahoma.  We made a stop at Little Rock Air Force Base to stay the night and got into town about 1:30 on Tuesday.  The moving truck arrived about 2:30 and just like that we were moved in! 

So today less than 48 hours later Samuel started preschool.  We don’t mess around in this family!  He had a great day and is loving living in his new yellow “repartment.”  There’s still some confusion though because he asked me if we were still living there when we were on our way home from school.  Poor boy has been quite the world traveler for the last year. 

Molly is still her usual smiley, happy self. She is working  hard to cut that first molar and has had every symptom that comes with the fun of cutting teeth.  I’ll spare you the details but let’s just say that I’ve done laundry in neighbor’s houses and hotels, given multiple baths a day and aired out a bedroom just minutes before the inspector came to check us out of our house! 

We don’t have many new pictures since we’ve been in complete survival mode recently but we did manage to snap a few of the school man this morning.  So I’ll leave you with those:

IMG_0999 copy

IMG_1005 copy

IMG_1005 crop


Kim Garner said...

Oh I love him! Sweet pictures. Glad you guys are settling in. We need to catch up soon :)

Drew and Suzy said...

Whew! Sounds like things have been busy! Hope you all are settling in well!


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