Thursday, May 17, 2012

9 months and the end of preschool



Molly is 9 months old today!  Here are a few things about her this month:

She has 6 teeth. 

Still not crawling or pulling up but she’s pretty good at rolling or scooting around on her bottom to get where she needs to go.

Beginning to wave and throw her hands up when we say “Big girl” 

Starting to get over her attachment to Momma.  Except when she’s really tired.  Freeeeeeddoooom!! 


Still sucking her thumb, mostly when she’s ready for bed or her teeth are bothering her.

Recognizes Mike’s voice and loves to see him on Skype.

LOVES cheerios.  Obsessed with cheerios might be a better way top put it.


And my personal favorite, no more bibs!!!!  She has stopped spitting up pretty much altogether this month.  Yippee!  There’s still an occasional urp now and then but nothing like before.  We all smell better for it and the washing machine thanks her.

OK, here’s my other favorite, this is the last monthly milestone we will celebrate in Oklahoma and the next to last one we will celebrate without Daddy.  We’re so close to the end we can taste it!!!!!




Fun in the Sun Day

This is also the last day of preschool.  Possible forever, but I sure hope not because our social fella dearly loves school and learned a ton while he was there. And I’ll just go ahead and admit that running errands with one is much easier than two, especially when the one can’t talk yet or touch everything in sight or run away.  Not that that last one has ever happened. Smile


Korey said...

What a big girl! I'm jealous of her teeth! Kalilah is still working on #3 and #4! lol.

I am so happy and excited for you! Franklin and I were just talking about how Mike should be home soon. Praying for you guys and hoping this time flies by until your family is whole again!

Kim Garner said...

So happy you can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Can't wait to see you guys soon :)


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