Wednesday, May 16, 2012

End of Year Program

Today was Samuel’s program at preschool.  He was supposed to dress up in his “spring best” and we got to see him sing on stage with his class at 1:45.  Molly ended up staying with Grandma which made things much easier to take pictures and video and then haul all of his gear to the car since Thursday is the last day of school and a no nap day.

We started out our morning by trying to get a few pictures of the two together in their spring clothes while also trying to get Skype with Daddy and get a diaper bag, lunch box, cameras, etc. into the car. We never got Skype to work and the picture aren’t exactly professional quality.  But we tried, on both counts!  And on the upside, we made it out of the house with everything we needed and we only walked into school about 5 minutes late. 



Here is my first mistake.  I should have gone for the double shot first instead of getting Molly by herself.


Because then she was like, “Oh cool!  I’ve never been in a chair before.  Who has time to look at Mommy?”


There was some of this: “Don’t let sister fall out! She’s falling out!  Get her!” 


So finally we gave up and went straight for the Samuel only shots.





These next couple are at the actual program after the performance. We all got to go up and snap some pics paparazzi style. It took him awhile to find me and I was standing right in front of him. It was kind of crazy.





And that’s it!  We’re at the end of preschool.  He had such a great time going to school while we were here.  And now we get to go home in exactly one month.  Yay, yay, yay!!

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