Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Morning with Ro Ro

Here are a couple of conversations I had with Samuel this morning…

Me:  Good Morning!  Did you have a good night?

S:  Yes, I did!  I slept with the boy! (our new imaginary friend)

Me:  Are you ready for breakfast?

S: Yeah but I need to change my poop first.  (We’re still in pull-ups for sleeping.)

Me:  OK

S:  I’m sorry Mommy.  It’s a big poop not a little poop.  You say oh gross!

Me:  Thanks for the warning.

S:  You’re welcome.


And later…

S:  What are you doing?

Me: Getting ready for church.  What are YOU doing?

S:  I be right back!

And he comes back a few minutes later looking like the picture on the left.  No clothes, pumpkin socks and sandals on the wrong feet.  Oh, and one sock is inside out.

S:  I ready for chooch too!



On the right, he’s all ready for church. We were able to coax him into clothes and church shoes but couldn’t get him to change his socks.  We’ll thank Grammy for that one!


And on a totally different note, here’s a picture of a pie I made for small group tonight.  Happy 4th of July!



Cori said...

Oooo this made my day! And I love the pie, so cute!

Papa said...

The pie is nice but what about that first outfit. The man has an eye for fashion. I like the Big Boys.

Matthew said...

The pie looks Delicious!


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