Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Umm, I almost forgot…we’re having another baby!

Well, we’ve been so busy with VBS, potty training, vacationing, career planning, etc. that the fact that another baby is joining the family has taken a bit of a back seat.  And then I realized she will be here in 6 weeks (or less if we’re lucky Smile).  So these last few days have been consumed with nursery preparations (pictures coming soon), list making and clothes organization.


We had a couple of showers too…



The ladies at church hosted a lovely shower.


These ladies were the hostesses.  They are both master gardeners and Ann, on the right, arranged the flowers.


The neighborhood also had a fun party.  This is Julia, a fellow OBU Bison!


Baby Leah…we talk about her several times a day.  Samuel is smitten and I can see why.  She’s adorable.


We’ve got lots of diapers!


So there you go!  We’ve been blessed with great friends and church family everywhere we’ve lived. 


As for Samuel news, after a few days of potty training rebellion after we returned from Oklahoma, we finally have it down!  We’ve been accident free for more than a week and he even decided that doing both jobs in the potty wasn’t so bad after all. In fact he likes it so much that if you’re ever missing him, chances are that he’s on the Elmo potty trying to squeeze something out so he can get a treat.

We’ve been spending a lot of time at the Chick-fil-a playground since it’s air conditioned.  A pregnant girl’s best friend!  Samuel never has trouble making friends and it doesn’t matter if they’re 2 or 12 he’s up for a conversation and some chasing down the slide.  The only thing that bothers him is that most kids come in and just leave their shoes wherever they fall.  He has to file them away in the shoe cubby  and then tell them that, “shoes go right there.”  He may be related to his Grammy. 

We’re pretty sure that he thinks baby sister and Molly are two different babies.  Let’s hope he’s not right!

He also seems to have a friend named  The Boy who rides in the car and goes swimming with us.

He loves to sing songs and has quite a repertoire.  He even gets most of the letters in the ABC song.  Jesus Loves Me is still his favorite.  Mike plays this game with him where he will hum a song and then have Samuel guess which song it is.  Samuel loves to reverse the roles and be the hummer.  He hums Jesus Loves Me every time but most of the time that’s not the song that he wants you to guess.  So it’s a hard game to play.

He cracks us up every day and often surprises us with some new skill he’s picked up somewhere. I’m looking forward to meeting our new baby girl but I’m trying to soak up every last minute with my little buddy while it’s just the two of us!

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Jen said...

Beautiful shower, Stef! You look great!


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