Thursday, October 21, 2010

Second Attempt -- or “I give up”


Here is my second attempt at capturing a pumpkin hat picture:



If photos had sound you would hear, “Uuuuuuusssshhhh, uuuuussshhhhh, peeeeeeeeee”  in a high pitched whine.  This translates into “let’s quit taking pictures and go outside and watch that airplane I hear take off.  Oh and because you’ll just tell me to say it in a second anyway—PLEASE!”



Finally a smile while running full speed ahead.  Thank goodness for CoffeeShop’s sharpening action which helps eliminate at least a little bit of the motion blur!


Samuel fell asleep in the high chair at lunch and slept about 10 minutes while I was cleaning the kitchen.  Apparently that was just enough of a cat nap to keep sleep at bay for the real naptime.  Right now he is hollering, “La la la, Momma, Momma “  over and over again. Could be a long afternoon. 


But Grammy and Papa are on their way to our house right now and they can deal with him this evening!  Yippee! 

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