Tuesday, October 19, 2010



Samuel and the next door neighbor take a ride in Daddy’s car.


The neighbor two doors down will be three in December.  He’s moving to Hawaii soon and he decided to give one of his bikes to Samuel. Needles to say  Samuel was thrilled!  They like to chase each other up and down the sidewalk for hours.


Samuel can’t reach the pedals quite yet but he is surprisingly fast at the Flintstone method of bike riding.

IMG_5262 IMG_5265  Here they are planning their route.


And finally, I went through all of Samuel’s clothes this morning, taking inventory of what we need for fall/winter and packing away the summer things that are too small.  We found a pumpkin hat that I made last year.  It was actually a mistake last year because I made it too big but it fits great this year.  So he wore it around the house all day wanting to look in the mirror at the “money hat.”  I tried to take a picture after dinner but his fuse was running short.  So this is the best I got.  Nothing like wearing a stocking cap with shorts and a sleeveless shirt!

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