Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October Fun

Grammy and Papa came to our house this weekend!


Friday we had a shrimp boil with shrimp that had been swimming in the Gulf just that morning!  It was delicious!


Samuel wasn’t too excited about the shrimp.  He played in the backyard while the rest of us enjoyed it.



We laid out some newspaper on the patio table and dug in.  Yummy food and easy cleanup!


 IMG_5287 IMG_5292

The guys.


The next day Papa and Daddy went fishing while Samuel and the girls went in search of a pumpkin patch.


He really wanted to pick this one up but it was just too big.

IMG_5315 IMG_5319 IMG_5324




Samuel talked his way into 3 stickers and was going for more but I nixed that idea.  He’s been asking for stickers ever since.



The first pumpkin patch was kind of a dud so we tried another one.  It wasn’t much either but at least there were a few photo ops.




Here he’s saying, “cheese, cheese, cheese, cheese…”  and thinking, “I’m gonna run, you’d better snap fast!”


This child looks more like his Dad every day.  If that’s not a Michael Burns head I don’t know what is!


Pumpkins also make good benches!



An attempt at a picture with Grammy but there were to many monies to see.


This was Sunday evening before bedtime.  He was doing whatever he could to stay up a little longer and tried on Grammy’s shoes for us.



My mom brought him a jack o’ lantern bucket for his halloween candy and he carries it with him wherever he goes.  She also brought some pumpkin socks and whenever he wears them he has to bend over and point out the fact that they are pumpkins (or monies).

IMG_5355 IMG_5364


Deep conversations with Grammy.


We’ve had lots of fun with all of our visitors this month.  Now we’re looking forward to Christmas when we hopefully get to see lots more friends and family!

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