Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Favorites—Pumpkin Cookies Edition


The favorite money socks.  Don’t judge if you see these pop up in a picture after Halloween.  Sometimes it’s just not worth the fight.


Ok, let me tell you about a little sugar cookie recipe that I discovered over at Bake at 350.  They are full of yummy fall flavors and are just right for October and cooler weather (or the anticipation of cooler weather in our case).  Here’s the recipe.


We have a certain little fellow around here who is very much enjoying being Momma’s “helpua.”  So naturally, he had to help with the cookies that we are going to take to the neighbors this afternoon.  Of course all good helpers must do exactly what their mothers are doing even if it means wearing a ruffled apron.  We’ll save these to show his future wife!

IMG_5387 IMG_5390



If you’re planning on making sugar cookies between now and Thanksgiving give these little gems a try.  They will not disappoint! 


I don’t even like sugar cookies (which is why I make them all the time for my husband) and I love these!


That is why most of them are packaged up and going to the neighbors as soon as Samuel wakes up!

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