Thursday, August 19, 2010

18 months

My plan was to post the pictures we had made at Penney's last week but for some reason their site is not letting me save them to my computer so we'll have to go with pictures of his life so far. First, his Birth Day!

3 months!

6 months!

9 months!

1 year!

15 months!

18 months!

Here are the stats we found out this morning at his well baby check-up:

22 lbs. 15 oz
31 and 1/4 inches
He falls somewhere between the 10th and 25th percentile. So he's inched up a bit since his 12 month appointment where he was in the 3-5 percent range.
He did great for the doctor. He talked to him and pointed out all of the Melmos in the exam room for him. (It was decorated in Sesame Street characters.) Then we went down to the immunization clinic where he had 3 shots. This was the hardest by far. He's so strong now it was hard to hold him down. We had two techs giving one in each leg but the third one he knew was coming and jerked his leg really hard so it bled a little and the tech felt really bad but he did a great job. I'm pretty sure he was new because he felt really awful for making Samuel cry. We got a sticker and headed out. He wanted nothing to do with the stroller and every time he looked down at the band-aids he would boohoo again so I had to push the stroller and carry him to the car about a half mile away. Then we went to Target for more Tylenol where the tears were still coming at the slightest glimpse of bugs bunny on his thighs. (Maybe he really does take after his mother!) So after that we decided to head over to Chick-Fil-A for lunch. 20 minutes on the toys, a few nuggets and an ice dream erase all memories of shots! He even entertained the workers pointing out all of the cows and mooing. Then after we ate our lunch the cashier came by to see if we needed anything and he asked her for some ice cream and handed her his coupon. It was pretty cute.

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Kim Garner said...

So sad to hear about the shots! But I'm glad he got over it quickly! I look forward to when Will is big enough to take for treats after immunizations! I love seeing the pics of him growing up... he's just so precious, Stef!


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