Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Day in the Life

This morning after playing outside awhile I decided to teach Samuel how to roll a ball back and forth. Samuel can't roll a ball by the way. Actually he can ROLL the ball but then he MUST get up and run around or turn circles or something and in the process sees another toy more fun than the ball and you go get him, sit him down, spread his legs apart and roll it to him and say, "OK roll it to Momma" and he gets up and turns circles again and then decides a walk might be nice so he says, "Wulk, wulk, wulk," grabs your hand and starts pulling. So you walk around the living room and start the process all over again. After about 5 minutes I gave up on the idea and decided to make Mike some peanut butter cupcakes for a snack.

Someone has hidden my big round piping tip so I had to improvise. Kinderlocks are great but little hands can slip down in the tiny crack and remove small objects like tips. On the list for tomorrow...rearrange some kitchen drawers. Oh, and get Mike to add locks to the top drawers. Apparently we weren't thinking about little boys growing when we left them off the top drawers.

My helper.

A small part of the chaos. This does not picture the can of Diet Pepsi that was knocked off the counter and exploded all over the kitchen. Pop travels great distances. I wouldn't recommend dropping it off the counter.

Also not pictured--the bag of Splenda dumped on the floor. We had to have some discipline for that one as right before the dumping I said, "Samuel, if you touch that bag I will have to spank you." He responded with, "OK" and then turned it upside down.

Getting close to lunch time.


Get that camera out of my face. I need lunch now!

This picture is sad but can you see all of those teeth? Number 15 and 16 popped through last week. That's a lot of teeth in one year!

A little happier after some food. Still a little tear in the eye though.

Kissing the hippo.

Silly hippo!

Well, there you have it! Our morning in a nutshell. And more reasons why I typically do my baking during naptime. Ha! Amazingly, we had it all cleaned up and our happy faces on by the time Mike got home for lunch.

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