Sunday, August 22, 2010

Eyeballs and whiskers

Friday morning Mike came home from PT with a little surprise. He was running across the Ocean Springs bridge and noticed some shrimp boats coming into the harbor. So he stopped off on his way home to buy a few straight from the boat. You can't get fresher than that!

After lunch time I attempted to clean and prepare a few. I wasn't very good at getting them out of the bag and onto the cutting board. Let's just say there was a little bit of squealing and hopping around--and it wasn't coming from Samuel. These babies still had their eyeballs. And long whiskers. It took some getting used to.

Samuel didn't have a problem though.

Oh, this looks like fun!

I think I'll grab another!

Head free!

Ready to go on the grill.

Fresh from the grill.


So maybe there are a few benefits to living on the coast. You definitely couldn't get this in Colorado!


Papa said...

Nor in Oklahoma either. Although they would cook without the grill today. Over 100, but supposed to be 90 tomorrow and high 80s on Wed.

Just get Samuel to help in the kitchen when it comes to the fish.

Jen said...

Oh, man, that shrimp looks good! I didn't know Mike ate seafood. I was so glad to read that the seafood is checking out clean and oil-free in the Gulf. I hope all the people who rely on it for their family's income have a good season.
What a sweet "helper" you have!


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