Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Not much happening in Mississippi...

I didn't take any pictures last week. We've busted it out again in the last couple of days so here you go:

What NOT to do while driving.

We recently switched from the diaper bag to a backpack since we no longer need to take everything we own with us when we leave the house. Samuel loves to wear it around. He knows where it is in the coat closet and since he can open all of the doors in our house he brings it to me all the time saying, "bag! bag! bag!" This means, "Help me put this bag on!"

Here he is taking one last swig of milk before Sunday School.

Watching Elmo after nap time. Most of us like to relax while watching TV. Not Samuel--he stands. You never know when the mood will strike to run through the house like a ninny. He must be ready at all times.

For the rest of the pictures I was playing with different settings. You can tell by the look on his face that he was not interested in playing along.

He now says Momma all the time. And it's actually in reference to his Momma. Yay! He can also say up and down, Elmo which sounds more like Melmo, eye, shoes, socks, bite, out, ouch, no, all gone and I'm sure a few others that I can't remember. He constantly asks, "where ga go?" This refers to Daddy, toys, dogs, basically anything that disappears from his sight.

He can point to most major body parts and knows animal sounds for a dog, cat, cow, lion and rooster. The rooster is the best as it includes a little head bobble too. We'll try to get it on video soon. We're working on duck and pig.

We found a playground down the street that has a bridge and some smaller slides. This is by far his favorite place to play. He loves to run across the bridge and throw himself down the slides head first. He is definitely all boy.

His favorite way to answer a question is to say mmm hmm. Yesterday morning he was hollering at me to get him out of the high chair by yelling, "DOWN" over and over. I said, "Can you say please?" to which he responded, "mmm hmm...down!" I guess I should rephrase my question next time!

Well, our little man is awake. Time for some cookies and Elmo!


Kim Garner said...

Wow! I think he is looking more and more like his daddy every day! I love the captions...made me laugh out loud! Thanks for the sheet-whitening tips! Worked great!

Jen said...

Love the cowboy backpack! It's so cute how Samuel concentrates so hard while watching "Melmo".


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