Thursday, July 15, 2010

Daddy Visits Swimming Lessons

The beauty of living and working on an AF base--Dad is only a few minutes away so he can visit us a lot!

Look, Dad, I can float!

Taking a break

Attempting to blow bubbles. He actually got the timing right twice today but for the most part he was more interested in making the fish blow bubbles.

Watching the bigger kids blow bubbles

Time for bobs!

Well, tomorrow is the last day of swimming lessons. It was fun but I'm kind of glad they're almost over. It's a lot of work to get us both into and out of swimming suits and get towels dry and snacks packed, etc. I'm glad Samuel got a chance to be in the water and it definitely gave us something to do for a couple of weeks.

Mike stopped by for a minute today and took some pictures. He couldn't stay long because it was really hot and he had his uniform on. But we're glad he could see Samuel Man in action.

1 comment:

Kim Garner said...

He is just getting so big Stef!! Great pics! Looks like lots of fun:)


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