Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Saturday BBQ

Since we've been married Mike has been fascinated with grilling. So we got him a charcoal grill as a Promotion/Father's Day gift. We made fajitas last week and Saturday he decided he wanted to smoke a brisket. So here's a little taste of our brisket experiment. Above, you will see the lighting of the coals.

Soaking the wood chips.

Studying the game plan in his Grill cookbook. This book is quite helpful in everything from setting up the grill to serving the finished product.

Of course, Daddy had to have a helper. You will notice he still has his jammies on. We started early.

This is the brisket about halfway through the day. It's an 8 pounder. That's the smallest the commmissary had so we will be eating brisket for awhile.

The helper watching from a distance. This guy heard the words "hot" and "Don't touch" so much that day that now every time he gets within 5 feet of the grill area he starts whispering "hot-tt, hot-tt..." and "Ouch." But he stays away and that was our goal.

The finished product!

And here's my plate right before I devoured it. It was definitely worth the wait. Delicious!

Mike did a great job on his first big grilling/smoking experience. We had another couple over for lunch on Sunday to help us eat the leftovers and they thought so too. Samuel and I are looking forward to many more tasty dishes! OK, maybe I'm looking forward to the food and Samuel is looking forward to spending all day in the backyard and Daddy getting in the pool with him.

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Kim Garner said...

Mmmm! That brisket looks go-oood! Good job bubby!


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