Thursday, June 10, 2010

16 Months

Yesterday Samuel turned 16 months old!

This morning we needed a new activity so I broke out the crayons and taped a piece of paper on the floor.

It was fun for a few minutes. But then tickling was better.

What is he up to at 16 months?

  • Books--he loves to "read" to himself and have you read to him. Biscuit Goes Visits the Zoo is the current favorite.
  • Airplanes--He can hear planes coming for miles. He gets VERY excited and starts hollering "ush" and pointing over his head. I never knew I would have so many conversations about planes and trucks.
  • Climbing--on everything!
  • Opening doors--we now lock ourselves in the bathroom and always lock the garage door
  • Swimming--he loves his pool and you have to watch closely when he's out there with clothes and shoes on because he will try to hop in fully clothed.
  • Playground--He has figured out how to get to the playground so when we go out to check the mail he hangs a right and makes a beeline for the swing. Checking the mail takes at least 15 minutes now
  • Daddy--his favorite person. When he hears the garage door go up he runs for the front window to wave Daddy in. Then they head upstairs for Mike to change clothes while I finish dinner. I'm not really sure what goes on up there but it sounds like a herd of elephants.
  • Words-He says new words everyday. Last night on the way home from church he kept saying "Bathy?, bathy?" Too bad he took a bath BEFORE we went to church.

Basically he is growing up way too fast. We're not sure where our baby went.

But we sure love the little boy he is becoming!


Jen said...

I love the first photo, it looks like he's trying to decide what to draw!

Kim Garner said...

I can just picture him at the window waving Mike in! So sweet Stef!!


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