Thursday, June 3, 2010


Captain Burns!

I was planning on waiting to post about Mike's promotion until we had pictures of the actual ceremony but it looks like it might be next week until we get them. So I snapped a few when he got home from work this evening.

A close up of the new rank.

This is a big promotion for Mike. Promoting to Captain seemed so far away when we first entered the Air Force life and now it's here! The ceremony was Friday morning at his office building. About 30 people came to see him and 3 airmen promoting to Staff Seargent. I pinned on one shoulder and a retired Master Sgt. that we knew in Colorado pinned on the other shoulder. Sgt. Scales was actually the guy that met Mike at the gate the very first day he reported to duty and he taught Mike a lot about the Finance career field before he retired. Samuel made his presence known by dancing to the national anthem. He was then whisked to the hallway by a coworker. I was glad for her help so I could watch the ceremony.

Yesterday when we were getting our new ID's a 1st Lt. saluted Mike as we were leaving. That's the first time I got to see a Lieutenant salute him. It was a proud moment! (It's an unwritten rule that a 2nd Lt. does not salute a 1st Lt. so he was never saluted by other officers before.)

In this new job he carries a lot of responsibility that he never had in Colorado. He regularly briefs a 2 star General and gets to sit in on video meetings with the 4 star in San Antonio, besides being responsible for an 8 million dollar budget! He works very hard every day and many people in the office told me how much they enjoy working with him.

Congratulations, honey! We're very proud of you!!


Jen said...

Congratulations, Mike! We're so proud of you, too!

Kim Garner said...

Oh, this brought tears to my eyes! So proud of you brother!


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