Thursday, June 3, 2010

This and That

These pictures are for Grammy. The curtains look great! Thank You!

Let's play a little game of Where's your...?

Where's your head?

Where's your ear?

Where's your eye? (This one can be painful at times!)

Where's your nose?

Where's your belly button?

And I'll throw this one in just because he's so darn cute!

Final picture: This is after our CVS trip this morning. I love CVS! You're looking at 135 diapers, deoderant, hairspray and conditioner for a grand total of $3.66. CVS has their Huggies Mega packs clearanced for $4.49 right now! They are not marked that way, they're marked $17.99 but if you scan them at the price checker they should show $4.49. I paired that with 2 $3 on 1 package coupons and scored the Huggies for $1.49 each! A very sweet deal. And I walked away with $6 in ECB's to use toward my next purchase. Did I mention I love CVS?

And one final story. I was feeding Samuel some oatmeal for lunch today. This used to be his favorite food but lately he's not eating it well. He was wanting what was on my plate so he kept throwing up his hands and saying "All gone?" after every oatmeal bite and then reaching for my plate. Silly boy! He did finally finish the oatmeal. And don't worry he got a few of Mommy's bites too!


Jen said...

Great deals! I'm loving CVS this week, too. It took 3 tries, but I found some clearance diapers. First store didn't carry Huggies mega and CVS brand clearanced ones were wiped out. Second store was wiped out. Third had CVS brand in Mary's size and Huggies mega, but they were only 50% off. But I got them anyway because I had an $8 ECB and the 2 packs came to $8.37.

Stefanie said...

That's still a great deal for so many diapers! I wonder if it was a mistake to mark some of them to $4.49? I hope they do it again! We don't have many heavy couponers down here so I've found it's easier to score the deals than in the Springs.

Kim Garner said...

Awesome deals Stef! I'm still keeping an eye on our Huggies to see if they get marked down.


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