Monday, June 14, 2010

Cookie Baking 101

It was hot today. And we were out of animal crackers. So I decided to google a recipe for a homemade version.

Which turned into letters and numbers because that's the kind of small cookie cutters I had.

And since it was so hot and the playground was not an option, I invited a helper. He was thrilled.

He wasn't sure at first...

but then he got the hang of it.

He had a good time.

After the first batch went into the oven he sat down for a little taste of dough. Don't worry, these cookies are egg free. And quite healthy--they're made with ground oats, whole wheat flour and sweetened with a little honey.

Would you like a bite, Mom?

About to go into the oven.

The finished product!

My taste tester approves! They actually are pretty tasty. Not as crunchy as the store bought variety but still similar.

The kitchen was a little messier than usual and it took a little longer but it was fun to have a little helper for the project. We might just do it again soon!

1 comment:

Jen said...

Those crackers look so good! Don't you love being able to find a recipe online for anything you think of without having to store a ton of cookbooks?


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