Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Well, the computer is not recognizing my memory card so no pictures for you until my computer technician returns from Alabama. But here's a video to tide you over.

We've been having fun while Daddy's gone. I always get a craft bug when Mike's out of town. Probably because I can leave the kitchen table a mess for several days and no one cares. Not that Mike really cares but you know, I like to have things looking somewhat nice when he gets home from work. Toys all over the floor don't count, right? Anyway, I've been working on a couple of projects that I'll show you later. Samuel has been a little fishy, swimming every day. I find that he takes a loooong nap if we swim just before or after lunch. Yea for long naps! Especially when we don't have Daddy to look forward to at 5:30!

Yesterday afternoon we were at Lowe's and Samuel was sure to let everyone there know that grill are "hot." He has a new sound that he makes--you can hear it a little in the video but he does it mostly in the car or in the bath tub. It makes me laugh. Hopefully he'll still be doing it in OK next week.

That's all from Mississippi. We're looking forward to our trip. Can't wait to see everyone! And of course we're excited for Aunt Cori's wedding! Woohoo!

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