Monday, May 3, 2010

Warning: Picture Overload

We were experimenting with natural light photos after lunch today.

Samuel has suddenly discovered toys! Until last week he used toys to just scatter around the house more than play. Last week during our quarantine he discovered dump trucks and trains. He even makes the engine sounds as he pushes them along. As far as we know, no one taught him that. Must be a boy thing!

He also loves to try to put shoes on his feet.

Hey, Mom, try to get the camera to focus as I run full speed ahead!

Mommy: Samuel, what does a lion say?

Can you take this thing apart?

Guess not

Pushing his truck.

Blocks are also a new love. After Christmas and birthday celebrations I put back a few toys to bring out at a later date so that we could have new things throughout the year. Well, last week after a diaper incident interrupted naptime we needed something to fill the rest of the afternoon. So I pulled out the blocks. He is pretty good at stacking them. And REALLY good at knocking down towers. An unexpected benefit: great lessons in what it means to pick up toys. We have been practicing and he's very good at it! Sometimes if you don't get the lid on fast enough you end up picking them up twice but it's the concept we're looking for. We'll worry about details later.

We're hoping the rain (and humidity) goes away tomorrow so we can get outside again. Samuel keeps going to the door and saying bye-bye hoping he gets to go outside. Poor boy. He also throws himself at the bathroom door and moans when you close the door for a moment of privacy. Lately he has started throwing his arms around your neck (or legs) and giving big kisses. We don't even ask for them!

And now it sounds like naptime is over. More later!

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