Thursday, April 29, 2010

An update

We're starting to feel a little better around here! Samuel's legs and feet look MUCH better. Just a few leftover scabs but no rash and no blisters. Yeah!

We went to Kohl's yesterday afternoon and took a walk. We spent this morning outside. We're going to keep him away from other children for the next couple of days just to make sure we don't share this lovely little illness but things are looking up!

He is now tall enough to climb in the patio chairs and our living room chair. He's quite proud of himself. With new achievements come new rules. This time it's no standing on furniture. He's doing really well. Somehow Mom is always watching so he has decided it's easier to just obey and sit like a big boy.

This is his Easter present from Grammy. We are looking forward to trying out the sand toys on the beach!

And this is his new walk. He does this all the time--not really sure why.

This one just makes me laugh. Frolicking through the yard. We'll have to save this one to show future girlfriends. Ha!

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