Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Drugstore Deals!

4 tooth brushes
5 family size brownie mixes
1 pack of gum
2 tubes of toothpaste
1 foundation
1 powder
Total: $2.10

I haven't blogged much about drug store deals but the Burns sisters were showing me up! Ha! So I just wanted to show you the great deals we got today at CVS and Rite Aid. We got everything at CVS except for the make-up which we got at Rite Aid. If they have a BOGO sale you can pair that with a BOGO coupon and get two items for free! So I got foundation and powder for $0.70. Just had to pay tax. At CVS my total was $0.26 before tax. My goal is to pay no more than a quarter for tooth paste. I've got a pretty good stockpile now so I can slow down on the hunt for toothpaste deals. Brownie mixes are nice to have on hand in the summer so I was excited to see these 5/$5 today when I was looking for a "filler" to get up to a $20 total so I could use a specific coupon. I always heard how wonderful CVS is and I am seeing why the bargain bloggers love this store so much. I do too! I'm still learning the ropes at Rite Aid but they have some good deals too.


Kaycee said...

Oh my goodness, what great deals! Some of my friends are into couponing, and it looks like you can get some great prices on different items! I am so excited that we will be somewhat closer to you guys now! It brings back memories of the good ol' days! :) I love the photoshop pictures you posted! I've been keeping my eyes on photoshop, and deciding if I should take the plunge and buy it. Awesome picts!!

Kim Garner said...

Wow!! Great job Stef! You got some awesome bargains! I wish we lived closer so we could bargain shop together:)

Jen said...

Great job, Stef! I just started shopping at Rite Aid about a year ago. It seems like they have one good week a month and it's a really good week when it happens. I love how they regularly have $5/$25 coupons.


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