Thursday, January 14, 2010

Catch Up

Hey, Josey, let's see what happens when I yank on your hood. Oh look at that, your head falls back!

Josey says: Please save me from this crazy kid! Can't he just relax for a minute?

Waiting patiently for cheerios.

Funny Face!

Has anyone seen the battery cover?

So, Josey came over today so her Mom could go pick out tile, paint, carpet, etc for their basement. Yea! We had fun laughing at Samuel and eating cheerios and we're glad Jess got to shop for her new basement in peace. We are really going to miss this sweet girl in a couple of months! I can't believe that she was only 3 lbs. in April. She now weighs 1 lb. more than Samuel and they are the exact same height.

In other news, Samuel drank 6 oz of milk this afternoon! Woohoo! And we have a baby-sitter on Saturday night. Double woohoo! Lt. Kirchoff and his wife want to watch Samuel for us. So we are taking them up on that offer. They just got married this summer and don't have children yet so we'll let them chase Samuel around for awhile and we'll watch the Blind Side. Hopefully he won't destroy their apartment!

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