Sunday, January 10, 2010

New favorite activity--hiding between the couch and the chair

Stopping to eat a cheerio he found on the floor.

Fascinated with the muppets.

I realized that I hadn't taken any pictures this weekend so this evening we fixed that problem! Mike went out to watch Avatar with some friends from church and Samuel and I stayed in. We had two people look at our house this afternoon. Yea! We got a call during Sunday School so we left church during the closing hymn, ran down to the nursery and made a mad dash to the car before any one could stop us to chat. At home we changed clothes and did a quick sweep through the house turning on all the lamps, vacuuming and dumping the laundry in the utility room into the washing machine. Then we headed out to Jason's Deli for lunch. After lunch Mike ran into Burlington Coat Factory to look for a new coat (his zipper broke on the ski trip). Samuel was snoozing so I just stayed in the car with him and read the paper. By that time 2 hours had passed so we headed home and Mike miraculously transfered Samuel from car to bed and he slept another 45 minutes. Woo hoo! That never happens. So it was a pretty good afternoon in the Burns house. Now if we can just get an offer on our house...

In other news, we're on day 2 of weaning Samuel to whole milk. So far so good. We've replaced his 11am feeding with milk and he has taken it much better than I thought. Miraculously, he started drinking from a NUK cup yesterday. Hopefully the other feedings will go as well as we gradually cut them out. Here's hoping!

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