Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just because you haven't seen a picture for awhile.

Should it tell me something that he was fussing until I brought out the camera and then he immediately gave me a cheesy grin? We have a monster on our hands. Samuel has a tooth coming in. You can see it bulging and I'm hoping it breaks through sometime today. Last night he followed me all over the house going "ah he he ah ah ah he he" in the whiniest possible way. I'm trying to find a balance in picking him up and comforting him and letting him know that he's NOT the center of the universe (contrary to popular belief). It's a tough balance. Let's just say 7 pm could not have come soon enough.
Hope you all are having a good day. We're going on walk #2 after nap time!

EDIT: I listened to a Family Life radio program on gratitude today and then felt kind of bad about complaining about teething. I AM grateful that he has teeth. HA!

1 comment:

Papa said...

Don't listen to your Mommy Samuel. You are the center of the universe, no matter what she says. If you don't believe just cal Grammy & Papa and we'll let you know,

Papa & Grammy


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