Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Dance Recital

Molly had her spring recital over the weekend.  She was beautiful.  Avery loved every second and even knew a dance from one of the other classes that meets at the same time as Molly's. She did it in the aisle while they were on the stage.  She pays a lot more attention to things than we give her credit for.  Samuel put up with it and even improved the attitude after a brief lecture on the hours and hours that Molly has spent on the ball field watching him play.

Her costume was beautiful and they did the cutest dance to Happy Working Song from Enchanted.

And of course she loves to show off all of the ballet positions.

She had a great time in dance this year.  Next year she says she'd like to try gymnastics and little Miss Avery seems pretty suited to that so I think we'll give it a go.  For now we are enjoying summer break with no weekly schedule!

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