Monday, May 15, 2017

First Tooth!

Molly lost her very first tooth last Monday.  We never got a good picture due to feeling puny but she's all better now and ready to pose.  So we pulled out the big camera to document officially before her new tooth starts growing in.  She says it's very hard to smile so that your bottom teeth show but she was more than willing to try as you can see. 

 This girl is blossoming these days and developing the sweetest little spirit.  Our once timid, homebody has turned into a nurturing sister and friend who brings everyone together and organizes every playtime.  This morning at bootcamp she had a group of 3 year olds lined up and taking turns at the tire swing while the moms were working out.  She has worked hard in kindergarten this year and is reading beginner readers, adding and subtracting and working on neat handwriting.  

We love our girl in the middle!

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