Thursday, August 21, 2014

10 Months


Wild woman, I mean Avery, turned 10 months old on Monday.  She is a girl on a mission these days and no longer poses sweetly while I snap her photo.

But oh she is just the sweetest thing alive.  She suddenly decided that snuggling and rocking a little bit before sleeping is not so bad after all.  Up until this week she’s always been a “plop in the bed” kind of girl.  I’ll take it since the baby days are passing quickly!

She’s fully mobile and into everything.  Yesterday she knocked over a plant, ate some rocks, and got stuck under the coffee table.  She favors her brother in that area.


She always has a smile for us and as mobile as she is, she will sit in the high chair forever.  Just toss some cheerios her way and she’s happy.  Car seat?  No problem!  I keep saying it but she is seriously the best baby. (Don’t tell the other two I said that.)


Her sleep is improving and she is generally going until 5:30am with a middle of the night wake up once or twice a week.  So we’re getting there.  A girl can’t be perfect all the time!



She no longer leaves her bows in and she has outgrown her summer sandals so she is not usually accessorized anymore.  One of these days she’ll have enough hair to hold a bow.  I need to look for some clearanced sandals to get us through to fall weather.

She has 4 teeth on top and two on bottom.  They came in a strange order so she looked lopsided for a week or so but she’s back to symmetrical now.  She’s still in 9 months clothes although they’re getting a little snug.  And she wears a size three diaper.  Still loves baby food, Daddy and pulling Molly’s hair.  She has also discovered the joy of wrecking whatever the older two are playing with.  They have a a lot of pay back coming after months of torturing her so don’t feel bad for them! 

And I’ll leave you with a little clip of how much she enjoys the itsy bitsy spider.  We love this girl to pieces!

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