Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall Days


We always take advantage of nice weather at this time of year since we know the cold is coming.  So we loaded up and headed to the neighborhood playground for an hour or so before lunch.  And we took the camera along for some practice shots.


Avery did what she does best.  And yes, that is a Santa hat next to her.  Molly has decided to carry it with us wherever we go.  She likes to pull it down over her face and play peekaboo. 



The Sherriff took a quick break from law enforcement to swing with us.


I asked for a silly face and this is what I got.  Why is she in capri pants you ask? Two words: potty training.  And let’s just say after a really good weekend we had a rough morning and went through a lot of pants. 



But we made it to the park and back dry.  No one ever goes to college with diapers, right?  We’re holding fast to that hope.

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