Thursday, November 21, 2013

1 Month



Avery is a month old as of Monday!  We actually managed to snap her picture that day but then I didn't get around to looking at it until today. At a month old there is not much to report although we are starting to see more awake time and she is starting to make eye contact with us and seems so intent on what we are saying to her. I think I may have even seen a little half grin this morning on the changing table.  We’re still not sure who she looks like.   I see some of both Samuel and Molly in her and a lot of just Avery!  She continues to be a content little (or big!) thing.  She’s giving me a good 5 hour stretch at night followed by 3-4 hours so we’re feeling rested and happy around here! 


And here she is with big sister who is smack dab in the midst of potty training.  She’s been dry at night and naps for a week but struggles some during the day.  She usually has one or two accidents a day but today we seem to be on a roll and we’ve been in the same clothes all day long.  Something has clicked and she’s recognizing on her own that she needs to go.  Hopefully we’ll stick with this trend although I’ve jinxed myself just by talking about it.

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