Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day of School


Today is Samuel’s first day of Pre-K.  Where oh where has the time gone? 


He thought 9:00 would never come this morning.  He was so excited.  And I was so proud as we had some issues over the summer with not wanting to leave us.  But it appears that he is back to his old self and he walked in with a smile, found his seat, smiled for a quick picture, hugs all around and that was it!

Molly however cried when we left his room.  Then we found a donut and the carousel in lobby.  Priorities. 


photo 1

This is his third year at GCK but the first time to be there on the very first day.  It’s tough to be a military kid!

photo 2

Why does he look 12?!


Molly’s favorite activity after we drop off brother.  She didn’t forget about this from last year.

photo 4

And then on the way out she wanted to pose by the sign too.


We’ll pick him up in an hour.  I can’t wait to hear all about the first day.  Molly has asked for him probably 20 times.  His only request was that we not go swimming while he was gone.  And he wanted Molly to stay in the 2’s class so he could check on her during the day. 

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