Saturday, August 31, 2013

End of Summer Catch-up


Summer is coming to and and and we are squeezing out every last drop of fun that we can.  We did get good news that our pool is extending its hours through Sept. 15th so we get an extra two weeks of fun there!

We’re looking forward to fall, pumpkins, cooler days and a new family member but we have had such a great summer it’s just hard to let it go! 


Molly has changed so much over the last few months and now talks up a storm!  Bubba is thankful that she is at better stage to be a playmate and most days they can be found in the backyard playing spiderman and cinderella or mom and dad.


We’re trying to help Samuel ease back into the idea of school with a few quiet table activities each day.  Yesterday we did it outside on the patio and it turned out to be not so quiet, but fun!  We filled a bucket with water and soap and used spoons and whisks to see what happened.  Fun and free!  Doesn’t get better than that.



Then Samuel thought it might be interesting to see what shaving cream does to the bubbles.  So we tried it.  We didn’t get many pics of brother, he was busy planning and scheming what would happen if…


Thursday we got to meet Samuel’s teacher and all the other students in his class.  It looks like we will have a great year and he is excited.  I was a little concerned because we’ve had some separation anxieties over the summer but he was genuinely excited that night.  Hopefully Tuesday will bring the same!


So other than that we’ve been cleaning, cooking (Samuel is quite the sous chef these days) and getting ready for Avery.  Hoping to update more often as we work our way back into routine.

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