Thursday, March 21, 2013

How Pinteresting!


I’ve seen this project floating around Pinterest and after checking the forecast for the week I stocked up on some craft supplies at Hobby Lobby on Monday. So today we woke up to rain and cold but we were prepared!


We started off by placing the letter stickers at the bottom (Mommy did that) and then we taped off a sun at the top (Samuel did most of that).  Then we brought out the paint and let him go to town.  His only instruction was to cover the whole thing with paint.  Right up his alley!



Sweet and Ornery all mixed up into one.


Let it dry for an hour or so and here’s the finished project!


We put it in the hall bathroom and it’s a perfect addition to to the preschooler-friendly theme we’ve got going in there. 


Where was Molly in all of this you ask?  Oh she was dumping almonds and baking soda all over the kitchen floor.  You know, hard work.  And I was concerned the paint would get messy.  Happy Rainy Thursday!


Kim Garner said...

Love that project and his 4 year pictures are adorable! Can't believe how fast he's growing up Stef!

maryburns52 said...

He certainly is our sunshine!!!


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