Friday, December 21, 2012

Loving this Season


Samuel is WAY into Christmas this year.  For the first time he can remember what we did last year and has a long enough attention span to participate in some of the other stuff like Christmas movies and crafts.  He skipped out of school on Tuesday singing, “it’s Christmas break, Christmas break. Saturday is train time!!!  We’re going to the train again on Saturday evening and he gets up every morning checking the calendar and hoping we just skipped right over the rest of the week.


He is learning the Christmas story and thinks it’s hilarious that he has a friend named Gabriel and a grandma and cousin named Mary.


Molly is pretty oblivious and wishes that we could just go back to staying home, taking regular naps and going to bed on time.  She does love all the fancy clothes though. 




Molly has perfected a nice scowl face that she gives to strangers that try to talk to her in stores or at church.  She will also give it to us if we tell her something she doesn’t like.  We visited the Baptist Village yesterday and she tried to frighten all of Mama’s friends off with her face but it didn’t work.  They all loved having little visitors and Samuel even had a few of them dancing to Jingle Bell Rock in the hallway.


Molly went with Grammy while I took Samuel to shop for a Christmas present for his sister and Daddy.  Typical man, every toy he saw he shouted, “Yep that looks good.  I pick that one!”  Then he was off to the hot wheels section.  We were eventually able to concentrate long enough to pick something for Molly AND Daddy.  Then he didn’t think we should have to wait in line to pay because we were only getting two things.  Many lessons learned on this trip!


We’ve watched Polar Express four times and there have been tears shed every time when the boy loses his bell.  Then we feel better until the parents can’t hear the bell and then it’s tears again.  Love that boy. 


Christmas program video to post soon but our big computer is having some troubles.  So as soon as we get that figured out you can hear Snuzy Snowflake!  I’ll leave you with a few more pictures from the tree farm.  These are very busy but very fun times!!




Anonymous said...

I love the photo of Samuel leading Molly into the Christmas tree forest, walking hand in hand (almost) walking away from us.

Uncle Steve

Kristen said...

LOVE the pictures! They all turned out so good!

Kim Garner said...

Those are so great Stef!!


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