Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Last Day in Uniform

Although he’s technically not out of the Air Force yet, yesterday was Mike’s last day in the office and most likely the last time he will wear his uniform.  Whew!  I get a little teary thinking about it.  I’ve never been married to a civilian before! 


I saw this photo idea floating around pinterest so I thought I would try it.


But we also had to include Molly.



Love these three.  Looking forward to this next chapter with them.


Mindy said...

Wow! That's big news. I'd love to hear about what's going on with you guys. I like all the photos but that first one is really great. You must hang that one somewhere in your home!

Kim Garner said...

The first picture is so great, Stef! Good job! Hope you guys are having fun in San Antonio!

Korey said...

Wow! I didn't realize you guys were getting out. Praying for the next steps in your lives. I know God has big plans for you guys!

Rachel S. said...

Wow! I love these photos! I'm so excited for y'all and this next phase of life :)


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