Thursday, May 3, 2012

Photography Class

There is a rumor going around the family that I am not really taking a class on Thursday evenings.  The resident baby-sitters seems to think that I’m just going out on the town.  In my Honda Pilot with two car seats in the back.  It just doesn’t get cooler than that! 

So just to prove them wrong here is my assignment for the week.  All  lighting and camera settings are the same with each shot with the exception of white balance.  We were learning about the effects and the importance of proper white balance.  It helps to have a willing and able, fuzzy-headed subject to work with!

Tonight is my last class but shhhh…don’t tell Papa.  I’m getting used to this Thursday evening outing!



Kim Garner said...

Oh, I LOVE your fuzzy-headed subject!! Pictures are great!

Korey said...

Love these! Molly is so pretty and getting so big! She has more teeth than Kalilah! lol.


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