Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday to my Sweet Boy!

Dear Samuel,

Today is your third birthday.  You got to talk to Daddy this morning on Skype and you proudly carried the phone all over the house and showed him your favorite things.  You are becoming such a big boy!

I have to tell you that I sat in Bible Study this morning while your were at preschool and listened to a lecture on James that discussed how God turns our anguish into joy.  4 years ago we were in another study on James that I just could not finish because of the anguish that we were experiencing.  Shortly after that time, we found out that we were expecting you.  This morning I fought back tears as I realized what JOY God has given us through you!  We are so proud to be your parents and I think I can speak for Daddy when I say that we pray for daily wisdom to raise you to be a man who loves the Lord.

Samuel Day 1 & 2 010

You are becoming such a little boy!  You are no longer a baby. You love to tell stories…many of which are not true…and your only volume level is loud!  You always want to be right in the big middle of everything and included in every conversation. Also, you never sit still, unless you are asleep.  You are a busy guy!


You have taken to the role of big brother quite well and as Molly gets older and more interactive you are enjoying entertaining her.  This morning you laid on my bed with her and sang and played with toys to keep her happy while I got ready.  You are so tender-hearted most of the time.  You can also get an ornery streak once in awhile.  In fact, last night it seemed that you were just searching for something naughty to do.  Oh dear, you are definitely three!

You enjoy having jobs like opening the gate for the tractor, putting on your own clothes, getting bibs for Molly, etc.  We are very much enjoying this new trend!


You are obsessed with cars and trucks.  You never seem to tire of playing with Hot Wheels.  So we’re having a race car party on Saturday.  You have several church friends coming and this is the first birthday that we get to celebrate with extended family!


You recognize most of your letters and know lots of different Bible stories.  Counting is still a challenge and usually sounds a lot like 1, 2,..7, 8, 9! Or 20, 60, 90!  You’ll get there.

Singing is another favorite pastime.  And you sing your way through the day every day.  Your current favorites are Away in the Manger, Twinkle Twinkle, and Holy, Holy, Holy.  Your preschool teachers say that you give a concert every day at lunch.



As always, you are still a sweet lover and you have very much enjoyed being in OK with Grandpa who is your kindred spirit in that department!


We are so thankful for you,  and we’re looking forward to what your 4th year brings.


I still can’t believe we have a THREE-year-old!!  Happy, Happy, Birthday!

Love, Mommy

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Jen said...

Happy birthday, Samuel!!!


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